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The Advantages of Using a Box Truck in Your Business

box truck

As owner or operator of a business, you know how commercial vehicles can help to make it run efficiently. In fact, trucking is responsible for the majority of overland freight movement in the U.S. In fact the 2019 market was worth $791.7 billion. 

If you’re running a logistics, distribution or delivery business, owning a box truck is certainly out of the question. But if you operate other types of business, you’ll need a little more creativity and research to figure out how buying a box truck for sale can help your business, and we can help. There are actually… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why a Mitsubishi FUSO Truck Is the Perfect Parcel Van for Your Business


Parcel Delivery, sometimes called package delivery, is the process of shipping lighter, smaller boxed items typically weighing 100 pounds or less.  These packages can be moved without assistance from loading machines, such as forklifts. The parcel packages are picked up, loaded into trucks, and are delivered to the intended recipients.

Mostly provided by postal systems or private courier companies like FedEx or UPS, this service is perfect for small businesses that ship smaller individual packages because it’s a more economical way to send products directly to customers.

A parcel delivery business involves large quantities of goods, small parcel sizes,… Continue reading

4 Liftgate Options for Your Box Truck


A liftgate is a platform on the back of a box truck used for raising and lowering goods via a hydraulic system. They’re either constructed from steel or aluminum with a variety of sizes and weight capacities.  They allow for safe and efficient loading and unloading of heavy cargo.

A crucial factor in a truck’s functionality, a liftgate is one of the most essential additional investments you could make for your truck.  They increase productivity and reduce the manpower needed for loading and unloading.  Generally, a good liftgate must be reliable, anti-slip, and quick to unfold and… Continue reading

The Top 3 Most Recommended Ford Cargo Van for Your Business

2012 ford cargo van

If your business, whether it is big or small, needs vehicles to transfer their cargo or passengers from one location to another, cargo vans are ideal. There are numerous brands and models on the market that present the perfect cargo volume and appealing interior. Ford has one of the best cargo vans to offer in the market!

Before going into the list of top 3 most recommended cargo vans or Ford box trucks for sale, let’s check first the criteria of a great cargo van.

  • Fuel Savings. As a businessman, you have to choose a commercial vehicle such… Continue reading

Our Top 5 Used Medium Duty Trucks that are Perfect for Your Delivery Business


The term “medium-duty truck” is a technical truck classification term used by people in the trucking industry. It refers to truck Classes 6-7 for trucks having a gross vehicle weight of 19,501 to 33,000 lbs.

Medium duty trucks are designed for various light-duty applications, especially the pick-up and delivery of merchandise.

If you want to buy a used medium-duty box truck, you should already have a rough estimation of its gross weight and size. But if you are not quite sure where to start, you should know that medium-duty trucks, which include box trucks and straight trucks, come in a… Continue reading

Four Steps To Disinfect Your Cargo Van


The World Health Organization states that the coronavirus is spread through droplets from the mouth or nose during a cough or sneeze. These droplets could land on any object or surfaces around an infected person, and when someone else touches the contaminated object or surface, that person can potentially be infected.

Vehicles used for business, whether new or used ones purchased from your box truck dealer or cargo van dealers, need to be cleaned and sanitized–especially the interior from time to time.

Cargo van interiors have different kinds of surfaces, including rubber, plastic, leather, or metal, and these surfaces can… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide in Buying a Step Van


Step vans are typically panel trucks that present the versatility of driving while sitting or standing. They are also known as walk-in delivery trucks that, in the past, were widely used for bakery products and milk delivery.

The ideal mobile food truck, step vans now carry everything from the classic ice cream to gourmet dishes and everything in between! They are constantly in food festivals, tours, and events all over the country!

Besides being the go-to vehicle for food selling and deliveries, step vans are now commonly used in these businesses and trades:

Why Choose a Used Cargo Van for Your Business


One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as a business owner is picking the right vehicles for your fleet. If you’re in the goods delivery, plumbing/HVAC/electrical services, catering, or tour guide business, the ideal vehicle is a cargo van. A used Ford cargo van, for example promises dependability, space, and performance. Here are several reasons to choose a cargo van for your business:

Fuel Efficiency

A cargo van is just as fuel-efficient as a full-sized sedan, and much more efficient than box trucks.  In a Ford Cargo Van, the 2 stage turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine… Continue reading

3 Step Van Business Ideas

food truck

Step vans, also known as walk-in or multi-stop delivery trucks, are commonly used as delivery trucks for all types of businesses. The versatility of the step van platform however, allows for a multitude of business opportunities.

If you’ve decided to purchase a used step van, here are three business opportunities for you to consider:

Logistics and Transportation

The most common use for step vans is transportation and making deliveries. Postal workers use these vans for making large deliveries, while local businesses may also use these trucks to transport their equipment from one place to another.

Other businesses that fall… Continue reading

Important Things You Need to Know before Buying a Used Commercial Box Truck

Buying a commercial truck is a large financial investment, and if you’re planning to acquire one, it is important for you to do your research to increase your knowledge base. In order to get a quality truck, you need to be equipped with sufficient information to make a good purchase selection. If you are just starting up with your business and trying to be conservative with your budget, buying used is always the best option!

Before you Google “used box truck dealers near me,” do your research to determine what type of used truck your business needs. Here are some… Continue reading