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Truck Blog

Truck Blog

3 Ways Your Truck Can Drive Your Business Forward

Mitsubishi FUSO gas truck

Regardless of what you deliver, a basic requirement for your business is a work vehicle with a robust, sturdy truck body style. You need a highly dependable commercial truck or van that is suited to the type of cargo you carry, whether you’re transporting frozen and perishable items, boxed goods, furniture, electronics, hardware, consumer products, construction supplies, landscape work equipment, and everything else in between.

The importance of choosing the right type, make, and model of your truck cannot be overstated. But beyond the basics, a suitable commercial delivery truck should have specific, specialized features to guarantee performance and efficiency.… Continue reading

Recall Safety

Why should you be concerned?

2007-2014 Sprinter Vehicles

Most of us have seen the news at fairly regular intervals about some sort of safety recall that has been initiated by a vehicle manufacturer; and many times we just move on with our lives not truly listening to the specific information. The recall information may not affect you personally with the vehicle(s) in your possession; but it could affect someone in your everyday life if you take a moment to listen to the broadcast information with purpose.

There are likely many reasons for a safety recall when it is developed by… Continue reading

MPG Test – Sprinter 3500 Box Truck


Work truck fuel economy can make a huge impact on the bottom line of any business. For companies that operate a medium duty box truck within a metro area, fuel expense can easily be $8000 to $10,000 annually – and that’s just for one small box truck. As a result, fuel economy and MPG have become buzzwords among all medium duty commercial truck owners.

One vehicle however, has developed a reputation as being the leader of the pack when conserving cost at the pump. The Mercedes or Freightliner Sprinter is a German designed work vehicle that has fuel economy ratings… Continue reading

Truck Safety Check List

These simple items can extend the useful life expectancy of your truck. They are easy, not expensive and good reminders for anyone driving a truck. Trucks see more use and abuse than a regular vehicle, keeping them in top shape will pay dividends in the long run.

  • Weekly Tire Pressure Check- have a designated crew member take a quality air pressure gauge and make sure that every tire on the truck is properly inflated to the truck manufacturer specifications placard. The placard sticker is typically found in the driver side door jamb, you can also look in the vehicle owner’s… Continue reading

Truck Drive Train Checklist

Trucks are a valuable part of just about every service business and keeping them running efficiently takes just a little initiative and planning to extend the service life of the drive train of a truck. The drive train in basic terms consists of the engine, transmission, cooling system, braking system components, fuel system, driveshaft(s), and the differentials (front & rear if the vehicle is four-wheel drive). There are vehicles with more than two differentials, but for this article those are not discussed. When a truck is operating normally, your business is making money and when the truck isn’t on the… Continue reading

Do It Yourself Truck Tips – Save Money and Downtime

The work truck is a valuable part of your business and keeping it running efficiently helps protect the bottom line of your business. When the truck(s) are running, your business is functioning and when they aren’t on the road it’s costing you money and that is why they need to be kept in good order. Take a moment and see if these tips are already part of your maintenance protocols in addition to required scheduled maintenance. These item checks are simple to perform and may save you in mechanic service fees or towing costs due to mechanical failures over the… Continue reading

Food Truck Industry is Sizzling Hot


Americans love to eat out. In fact, the US restaurant industry does over 800 billion in annual sales. But what’s really hard to swallow are food truck statistics. The food truck industry itself has annual revenue of more than $1 billion dollars. This industry has seen a revenue increase of 12.5% just over the last five years. Aside from the monetary payout, potential food truck vendors are finding plenty of other benefits to lure them into the business. With more and more entrepreneurs hopping on board, there still plenty of room for new food trucks on the streets.

For those… Continue reading

Cargo Box Truck Water Leak

box truck water leak

Whether you’re a expedited freight service or a final mile white glove delivery company, there is one thing certain about your cargo box truck: Your cargo box either has leaked in the past, is currently leaking or will leak in the future. At some point its going to be an issue, but you don’t have to live with it. Lets take a look at how to address this problem.


Your cargo box is leaking because of either damage or general ageing. General wear and tear caused from ageing results in brittle caulking and loose rivets. Physical damage on the… Continue reading

Work Truck Rear Visibility

Rearview Cameras
Are you ready for a change?

This subject may have been unconsciously overlooked by many business owners in the past; but there are changes coming for commercial vehicles and doing your research can save you time and frustration. The changes that are about to go in effect will affect some businesses now and others in the future as their class of vehicles are phased in for enforcement.

The changes are coming in the form of additional requirements to the rear visibility portion of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 111). This Standard has been for the rear… Continue reading

What in the World is a One Ton Truck?



If you ever mosey on down to the local dealership to shop for pick-up trucks, it’s pretty normal to hear some unusual verbiage. Salesmen will be talking about wheelbase & glow plugs. Customers will be asking about block heaters and chassis cabs. It can get confusing. But there’s a common set of terms that everyone knows: ½ Ton, ¾ Ton & 1 Ton. You’ve heard about truck tonnage for years. But do you know what it really means? If you understand the meaning or not, salesmen and customers alike have at least accepted in a broad since that it… Continue reading