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Truck Blog

Truck Blog

Buying a Used Step Van for Your Food Truck Business

used step van

Also called “multi-stop trucks” step vans are either light-duty and medium-duty standard trucks that are mostly used to deliver goods in local areas. The term has become synonymous with ease in delivery because of the low step-up feature under the truck’s doors.

Step vans are considered superior to similarly sized parcel vans due to the former’s low average deck height that reduces injury threat for workers. It is also a versatile vehicle with its dual access entry/exit point. In terms of visibility, a step van’s raised driver’s seat and massive windshield give the driver an uninhibited view of the road… Continue reading

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks Offer Gasoline-Powered Lineup for 2019

TruckNTrailer-extra FUSO

For a country that relies on diesel-powered trucks for its medium-duty market, you may be surprised to know that gas-powered engines are gaining popularity in the United States. This according to the chief executive officer and president of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc., Justin Palmer, who says that trucks with gasoline engines hold about a 40 percent market share. Based on those statistics, offering new Mitsubishi Fuso gas trucks in 2019 was an easy choice.

Gas-powered Class 5 and Class 4 Fuso FE Series cabover trucks run on a six-liter GM V8 engine with twice the displacement of their… Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Lift gate for Your Work Truck

lift gate for truck

Three feet doesn’t seem like a large distance but in the world of the commercial truck, three feet from the ground to the threshold/floor height of the truck body can be the most important three feet in the world. Getting thousands of pounds of materials up and down that distance in a timely and efficient manner can be the most important aspect of a shipment. Lift gates allow for a shipment to reach its destination in a manner that wouldn’t be possible without this kind of equipment. Several questions to ask as you start the fact finding process are: So… Continue reading

Truck-N-Trailer Commercial Trucks Services: Keeping Your Used Commercial Trucks at Peak Performance

Nearly 13% of all registered vehicles in the country are commercial trucks—all of which should be in top running condition at all times. Every commercial truck and trailer owner knows that their business operations rely heavily on well-maintained and regularly serviced equipment. Only with a top-performing commercial truck can you be sure about the safe and successful delivery of your products and services.

Behind every well-maintained commercial truck is a reliable service provider. In Oklahoma City, Truck-N-Trailer is your go-to repair and maintenance team. Having been in the used commercial truck and trailer business for decades, we know commercial trucks… Continue reading

Starting Your Truck Delivery Business? Here Are 8 Questions To Ask

Mitsubishi Fuso - truck-n-trailer

There is a growing marketplace for movement of commercial goods and products. Because of urbanization and a steep rise in trade volumes, delivery services promise competitive but lucrative business.

Seriously considering a truck delivery business? We help you get to the basics with these questions.

1. What Type of Product/s Will You Deliver?

Deciding on the product you will be delivering sets the foundation for your entire operation. Will you be transporting small items that one person can handle? Will you be delivering bigger cargo like furniture that will require more people? Will you be tapping manufacturing businesses and wholesale… Continue reading

Hurricane Florence and the Demand for Commercial Trucks

Truck n Trailer - Hurricane Florene

With the September 14th Category I Hurricane Florence barely in our rearview mirror, the clean up process begins. Like so many hurricanes in recent US history, it’s a long tedious process to put each community back together. Literally, every application of commercial vehicles are in high demand as the affected East Coast rebuilds hard hit areas.

After emergency responders clear affected areas such as Wilmington, North Carolina, the first to move in are medium duty wreckers. Wheel lift wreckers, boom wreckers and flatbed rollback wreckers all take part in clearing out flooded vehicles. With so much damage, this is no… Continue reading

3 Ways Your Truck Can Drive Your Business Forward

Mitsubishi FUSO gas truck

Regardless of what you deliver, a basic requirement for your business is a work vehicle with a robust, sturdy truck body style. You need a highly dependable commercial truck or van that is suited to the type of cargo you carry, whether you’re transporting frozen and perishable items, boxed goods, furniture, electronics, hardware, consumer products, construction supplies, landscape work equipment, and everything else in between.

The importance of choosing the right type, make, and model of your truck cannot be overstated. But beyond the basics, a suitable commercial delivery truck should have specific, specialized features to guarantee performance and efficiency.… Continue reading

Recall Safety

Why should you be concerned?

2007-2014 Sprinter Vehicles

Most of us have seen the news at fairly regular intervals about some sort of safety recall that has been initiated by a vehicle manufacturer; and many times we just move on with our lives not truly listening to the specific information. The recall information may not affect you personally with the vehicle(s) in your possession; but it could affect someone in your everyday life if you take a moment to listen to the broadcast information with purpose.

There are likely many reasons for a safety recall when it is developed by… Continue reading

MPG Test – Sprinter 3500 Box Truck


Work truck fuel economy can make a huge impact on the bottom line of any business. For companies that operate a medium duty box truck within a metro area, fuel expense can easily be $8000 to $10,000 annually – and that’s just for one small box truck. As a result, fuel economy and MPG have become buzzwords among all medium duty commercial truck owners.

One vehicle however, has developed a reputation as being the leader of the pack when conserving cost at the pump. The Mercedes or Freightliner Sprinter is a German designed work vehicle that has fuel economy ratings… Continue reading

Truck Safety Check List

These simple items can extend the useful life expectancy of your truck. They are easy, not expensive and good reminders for anyone driving a truck. Trucks see more use and abuse than a regular vehicle, keeping them in top shape will pay dividends in the long run.

  • Weekly Tire Pressure Check- have a designated crew member take a quality air pressure gauge and make sure that every tire on the truck is properly inflated to the truck manufacturer specifications placard. The placard sticker is typically found in the driver side door jamb, you can also look in the vehicle owner’s… Continue reading