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Truck Blog

Healthcare Law Will Affect Truck Businesses

The signing of the United States’ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March of 2010 means big changes for trucking companies beginning in 2014.

The law says that employers with over 50 full-time employees will need to provide insurance for their employees beginning in 2014. The formula defines a full-time employee as anyone working more than 30 hours a week. Part-time employees are categorized as anyone working less than that, and are included in a staff total on a sliding scale.

To calculate how many part-time employees a trucking company has, take the number of part-time hours it assigns… Continue reading

How Much Does A Truck Really Cost

A truck’s cost should be thought out and calculated by thinking of the buying-using-selling cycles. A more realistic cost of the price of a truck should also include financing and tax implications. This is from Patrick Gaskins, AmeriQuest Transportation Services Vice President of Financial Services.

Gaskins believes that those in procurement believe that getting the lowest price and best financing is the way to go. The fleet manager thinks a truck with the highest fuel economy and lowest repair costs would be best. Then you have the department handling disposition of used assets thinking about resale value.

In an ideal… Continue reading

Bi-Fuel CNG System Introduced for Isuzu and GM Delivery Vehicles

DuraDrive bi-fuel CNG System from AGA Systems are being introduced in Texas and Louisiana. Nat G CNG Solutions from Houston made this announcement recently.

This technology will serve the 2013 General Motors and Isuzu adaptable chassis platforms powered by the 6.0L gaseous prep engine. The system is available for both above and below 14,000 GVW vehicle classes.

This system has DOT approved CNG cylinders that are EPA certified and will be used with these trucks:

  • GMC & Chevy Cutaway Vans
  • Utility Service Body, Bed Delete and Isuzu NPR trucks

The new DuraDrive system is available now and deliveries will begin… Continue reading

Selecting the Right Tires for Medium-Duty Trucks

Selecting the right tires for medium-duty trucks affects vehicle performance, fuel economy and tire replacement cycles. There are more variables involved when selecting tires for medium-duty trucks vs. light-duty. They include:

  • different tread types designed around a truck’s operating weight and tire position
  • tires designed for long haul, and on or off-road trucks

Tires should be selected on the basis of specific application of the truck and weight considerations.

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Truck Battery Maintenance

Your truck battery needs regular preventive maintenance. Corrosion can cause problems, downtime and expense. It’s best to spend a few minutes routinely inspecting each truck battery and going through the following steps:

  1. Use battery cleaner spray to neutralize any acid buildup.
  2. Rinse with water.
  3. Loosen terminal nuts with a wrench. Always disconnect the negative post first.
  4. Use a battery post and terminal brush to brush any residue and corrosion.
  5. Reattach the terminals to the post, doing the positive terminal first.
  6. Spray battery protective spray on battery terminals.
  7. Wipe your tools with a rag. Any sulfuric acid on rags can eat holes in them.

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10 Drive-Axle Ratio Factors to Consider For Medium-Duty Trucks

With a wide range of drive-axle ratios for medium-duty trucks available, fleet managers must weigh/factor carefully which one they choose for their fleet. Their decision will affect a truck’s top-end speed, fuel economy and load pulling ability.

For light-duty service trucks, the process for selection is pretty simple because there are only two to three ratios from which to choose. A good starting point is understanding what the drive-axle ratio means and how it affects truck performance. To do this,  Ken Gilles, truck operations manager for GE Capital Fleet Services, has listed the following 10 factors to consider:

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