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Alternative Fuels for CMVs

Alternative fuels for commercial motor vehicles are a hot topic for the commercial motor vehicle drivers, fleet managers, and small business owners alike. According to the United States Department of Energy, there are six major types of alternative fuels for CMVs. These fuels consist of Biodiesel, Electricity, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, and Propane.

Business needs determines the best alternative fuel to pick. Most alternative fuels for CMVs include tax incentives and fuel-efficiency. While saving some extra cash in the business’s wallet, and saving the world from some of those deadly CO2 emissions sounds fantastic. However, how do these green… Continue reading

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Reduces Pollution

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is here to stay. All light, medium, and heavy duty trucks created in 2010 and newer are now incorporating DEF tanks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pushing towards enforcing the Clean Air. By doing this, EPA is hoping to reduce, or at least regulate the dangerous NOx emissions that are given off by vehicles. Diesel vehicles happen to be one of the top contributors to the NOx emissions. DEF was created to help reduce these emissions.

Diesel exhaust fluid is a nonhazardous solution that is sprayed down into the exhaust stream of all diesel vehicles.… Continue reading

‘Thinner’ Oil and Truck Fuel Efficiency

Learn how thinner oil effects truck fuel efficiency. Lowering the viscosity of heavy duty engine oils in trucks is front and center in the future. ‘Thinner’ oils produce increased truck fuel economy efficiency and it lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course this is well known by lubricant makers. The challenge is to keep trucks vital parts effectively lubed while not decreasing engine life.

thinner oil effects truck fuel efficiencyA New Category

This low viscosity oil is in a new engine oil category – Proposed Category 11. the American Petroleum Institute (API) is developing the oil. Manufacturers want this new category of oil to handle the… Continue reading

What Happens To Expired CNG Tanks?

While the benefits of CNG vehicles are well documented – what do owners of CNG vehicles or fleets do when their tanks reach their expiration date?

NGVAmerica estimates approximately 110,000 NGVs (natural gas vehicles) are in use in the United States today, displacing about 360 million gasoline-gallon equivalents (GGE) per year.

Standards For CNG Cylinder Life

There have been a couple revisions in standards for lifetime of a CNG cylinder. The latest one came in 2007 that raised the lifespan to 25 years. After this time, tanks can not be recertified and must be taken out of service. The owners… Continue reading

Will the Truck Fuel of the Future be Diesel?

Learn about the multiple fuel sources: natural gas, biodiesel, algae-based diesel, hybrids, dimethyl-ether and hydrogen fuel cells. What does the future hold for diesel-  will it be the truck fuel in the future?

Which one or combination is the best path for the future? Daimler’s Mark Lampert says diesel and natural gas are the fuels to watch going forward.

Explore this article and read Lampert’s thoughts on the subject of diesel vs. natural gas and alternative fuels.

We invite you to read the rest of this article written by Jim Park at Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine.





Evaluating Alternative Fuel Technologies

Fleet owners are evaluating alternative fuel technologies in order to reduce their fuel bills. Owners try to match fuel alternatives to their fleet profile.

Kevin Beaty, Calstart vice president and director of its High Efficiency Truck Users Forum, has shared five steps every fleet owner should step through when evaluating alternative fuel technologies:

1. Baseline your fleet

Determine your fleet’s fuel usage and measure yearly fuel burn for each vehicle.

2. Know your options

Can you eliminate or reduce truck idling? Consider changes in operations, i.e. matching vehicles to their applications better and removing poorly performing vehicles.

3. Match your… Continue reading

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning for Buses, Tractor Trailer Rigs and On-highway Trucks

This article deals with Class 7 and 8 trucks. The cost for cleaning and replacement is lower than indicated in the article and the basics are the same for all diesel engines. In-town delivery vehicles seem to be more prone to clogging than an over-the-road vehicle.

Only within the last eight months has the issue begin to surface and become a problem for owners of lighter classed vehicles. This is due to the miles that delivery/service runs in comparison to over the road trucks.

The EPA is requiring the use of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to reduce diesel pollution that comes from trucks, buses, etc.

Continue reading

CNG vs. Diesel Truck Operating Cost

CNG vs. Diesel fuel for Class 7 and 8 trucks (mainly refuse trucks), was discussed at the 2013 ACT Expo in D.C. Several truck fleet executives shared their experiences in successfully implementing natural gas in their operations. This decreased their truck operating costs.

Executives from Ryder, Paper Transport said they’d learned from the experiences of refuse trucks and have benefitted as they have converted or purchased CNG trucks for their use. Some tips shared include:

Continue reading

Bi-Fuel CNG System Introduced for Isuzu and GM Delivery Vehicles

DuraDrive bi-fuel CNG System from AGA Systems are being introduced in Texas and Louisiana. Nat G CNG Solutions from Houston made this announcement recently.

This technology will serve the 2013 General Motors and Isuzu adaptable chassis platforms powered by the 6.0L gaseous prep engine. The system is available for both above and below 14,000 GVW vehicle classes.

This system has DOT approved CNG cylinders that are EPA certified and will be used with these trucks:

  • GMC & Chevy Cutaway Vans
  • Utility Service Body, Bed Delete and Isuzu NPR trucks

The new DuraDrive system is available now and deliveries will begin… Continue reading