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Dealing with Cargo Boxes Water Leaks

Cargo boxes, also known as van bodies, get water leaks. Even new ones! Once they do, the next problem is finding the leak. The best solution is not getting them in the first place. If you do have a leak, how do you detect them? How do you prevent them? And how do you fix them?

“One way to detect water leaks is by looking out for water stains in the interior lining of the truck.” Kirk Booth, Service Manager at Truck-N-Trailer, said.  “Water leaks typically occur in the front, or forward, two corners of the box. This is… Continue reading

Drive-Axle Ratios for Medium-Duty Trucks

Typically when specifying out medium-duty trucks and vans for drive-axle ratios, it is easy to figure out what ratio to use. This is true especially since there is only two to three depending on the vehicle. However, for those vehicles weighing in 19,500lbs to 26,000lbs on the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) scale, the process becomes more complicated. There are more than a dozen options to choose from. Some drive-axle ratios range from 2.69:1 to 7.17:1 with ten or two different ratios between them. It all depends on the truck’s class, make and model, and the rear-axle capacity.

Drive-Axle Ratios… Continue reading

Understanding Tire Management

Understanding tire management should be in a fleet manager’s top interest. Understand how tires are used in a day to day basis. Learn where all the expenses go. From tire benchmarking to data analysis to management action, creating a tire management program can help the truck in a profitable range rather than that of an awful headache.

An effective tire management program has to address four things: Air pressure; Rotation; Mechanical/Alignment Maintenance of the vehicle; finally, speed. Maintaining these four key elements, a fleet manager will be able to keep the cost of tires down when It comes to purchasing… Continue reading

Right to Repair

The Right to Repair bill is something everyone needs in today’s age. This is because vehicle manufacturers are fighting to “lock out” all vehicle owners. What this means is the manufacturers are trying to prevent owners from maintaining their vehicles. Primarily the vehicle’s computer system. By locking out vehicle owners, manufacturers are able to drive more business back to their dealerships. If this were to happen, it means anything from a simple tire change to adjusting the transmission could cost a lot more than simply doing it yourself.

Should manufacturers make it this way, shopping around for the best deal,… Continue reading

Used Truck Values Make for a Better Bargain

Nowadays, used truck values are making them an ever increasing bargain, overtaking new trucks sales at dealerships. This is often because used trucks with low mileage can go for a lot less.

Truck dependability has increased in the past two decades. This allows trucks to last much longer than what they use to. In fact, J.D. Power and Associates were able to perform a study that proved the dependability of a vehicle has nearly doubled in the last decade alone.

While many of us are not expecting the immortality rates of vehicles to raise any time soon. We are expecting… Continue reading

‘Thinner’ Oil and Truck Fuel Efficiency

Learn how thinner oil effects truck fuel efficiency. Lowering the viscosity of heavy duty engine oils in trucks is front and center in the future. ‘Thinner’ oils produce increased truck fuel economy efficiency and it lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course this is well known by lubricant makers. The challenge is to keep trucks vital parts effectively lubed while not decreasing engine life.

thinner oil effects truck fuel efficiencyA New Category

This low viscosity oil is in a new engine oil category – Proposed Category 11. the American Petroleum Institute (API) is developing the oil. Manufacturers want this new category of oil to handle the… Continue reading

CNG vs. Diesel Truck Operating Cost

CNG vs. Diesel fuel for Class 7 and 8 trucks (mainly refuse trucks), was discussed at the 2013 ACT Expo in D.C. Several truck fleet executives shared their experiences in successfully implementing natural gas in their operations. This decreased their truck operating costs.

Executives from Ryder, Paper Transport said they’d learned from the experiences of refuse trucks and have benefitted as they have converted or purchased CNG trucks for their use. Some tips shared include:

Continue reading

10 Strategies to Curb Medium-Duty Truck Operating Costs

Because of worsening road conditions, more stop-and-go traffic and higher operating costs, it’s becoming more expensive to operate medium-duty trucks. Some of the operating cost components include volatile diesel prices, higher parts and labor costs and higher tire prices.

Containing costs is a challenge. Here are 10 strategies some truck fleet owners are trying:

  1. Increased use of engine governors in medium-duty trucks.
    A maximum speed limiter can eliminate speeding tickets, aggressive driving, accidents and complaints.
  2. Rightsizing.
    More truck fleet owners are able to use smaller trucks yet meet their cargo needs.
  3. Growing acceptance of using remanufactured components.
    Because of budget… Continue reading