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Operation Airbrake : Beginning September 6th – 12th, 2015

Fellow drivers, let’s face it; it’s that time of the year again – Operation Airbrake. This year’s annual brake safety week is upon Operation Airbrake is now in effect!us. Operation Airbrake is coming to the United States early this fall. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) issues the inspection. It is determines whether or not your vehicle is Out of Service (OOS).

Operation Airbrake is an international truck and bus safety campaign. The goal is to improve brake safety all throughout northern America. The primary operation of brake safety week is preventing highway wrecks from faulty brake systems. It educates drivers, mechanics, and all others… Continue reading

Conducting A Truck Brake Inspection

We all know things wear out over time – including trucking components. The speed at which things wear out depend on driver habits, weather, the climate and how the truck is used.

It’s important for truck owners, operators and service people to have a system set up to record wear patterns and inspection results. Keeping up with the test results over time and making timely repairs will extend the service life of their truck fleets.

We’re talking about trucks braking systems so we don’t really need to emphasize how important keeping this system well maintained is. Technicians should keep brakes… Continue reading