Buying a Used Step Van for Your Food Truck Business

By December 10, 2018Truck Blog, Vans
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Also called “multi-stop trucks” step vans are either light-duty and medium-duty standard trucks that are mostly used to deliver goods in local areas. The term has become synonymous with ease in delivery because of the low step-up feature under the truck’s doors.

Step vans are considered superior to similarly sized parcel vans due to the former’s low average deck height that reduces injury threat for workers. It is also a versatile vehicle with its dual access entry/exit point. In terms of visibility, a step van’s raised driver’s seat and massive windshield give the driver an uninhibited view of the road .

Service companies, such as plumbing, electrical, and auto repair companies often use their custom step vans to store equipment and house a mobile office.

Step vans are also used for non-profit, public service work. They are used as ambulances, postal or parcel delivery trucks, utility trucks, as well in law enforcement work such as mobile tactical, command, and radio centers. The healthcare industry uses step vans for mobile outreach services and public library’s even use them as bookmobiles.

Why Are Step Vans Best for Food services?

For the longest time, step vans have been associated with food service. The most commonly known purpose of a step van is a forward-control food truck that, since the 1930s, have been used to deliver baked goods and milk. Today, step vans are used to sell a wide variety of food types ranging from gourmet dishes to classic ice cream, mobile food trucks are all the rage across the USA. The food truck segment was valued at nearly $857 million in 2015.

Step vans feature a high roof and abundant space, which is a must in the food service industry for quick passage and storage purposes. They are also easily customizable to meet your requirements and maximize efficiency. Accessories such as speakers, television, security systems, retractable awnings, perforated window film, and service stations are easily added. More elaborate custom step van conversions include mobile kitchens complete with advanced cooking equipment, ventilation systems, and ample storage spaces.

A step van allows business owners take their services to festivals, events and on tours for greater earning potential and a smaller investment than maintaining a brick-and-mortar shop.

Important tip: Remember to stay compliant with the licensing, insurance, and health and safety regulations required to build your food truck!

Buying A Used Step Van

Buying a step van to build your food truck is one of the most important investments you will make, so make sure you’re aware of how financially flexible you are. This is where a used step van becomes an ideal option. As opposed to spending a lot of money upfront to buy a new truck, you can generally get a used step van at a cheaper price.

When you purchase a used step van, you won’t need to start from scratch. For example, a used bread van for sale will have the fundamental features and accessories such as retrofitting and a kitchen layout. You don’t have to figure out what you should be adding; you just need to know what other specific features you will need for the type of food truck you’ll be building.


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