Battery Service for Used Trucks

Battery Service

The click-click-click may mean you need a battery service check-up. The sound of your truck not starting is more than annoying. It stops your day and means the battery not starting the engine. So before you hear the often-termed “death” sound for your battery, make sure you take preventative measures to stop it from happening.

Your truck battery supplies electricity for the starter, engine and electronic accessories and stores energy from the alternator. Needless to say, a non-working battery can derail your summer deliveries before it even begins.

Battery Corrosion

Corrosion happens with the natural gases from the battery condense on the posts and cable ends during a battery’s normal use cycle.  Heat is a top cause for corrosion in batteries.

Battery Sulfation

High temperatures cause increases in battery capacity and cause conductor grids to corrode faster. These temperatures also cause lead sulfate to form on electrodes. If the battery doesn’t turn over quickly, these sulfates begin to grow large crystals. This growth is called sulfation and is a precursor to battery failure.

Parasitic Loads

Another culprit is parasitic loads. This happens when the vehicle’s electronic accessories and systems create electricity that drains the battery.

Best Practices

So how can one remedy these issues? Have your battery inspected before the heat of the summer begins. Professionally trained technicians electrical system issues and offer computer diagnosed solutions. This ensures that you and your vehicle get to where you’re going with no issue at all. Looking to buy a battery? We can recommend the correct battery, and provide professional installation to insure the longest life and lowest maintenance.

With proper service and regular inspection of your battery, we can help you maintain on time deliveries and service appointments, providing the best service your customers have become known to expect.

And, your new best friend doesn’t have to be the tow truck driver!

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