Attracting the Wrong Kind of Attention with Inoperable Truck Lighting

By September 21, 2015Truck Blog
Truck Lighting

Inoperable Truck Lighting is a large “pull me over” red flag. Inoperable truck lighting stops lead to immediate roadside inspections by the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA). Plan on a several hour delay and a hefty inspection charge.

CSA, previously known as Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA 2010), is a major safety measurement and reposting initiative of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The CSA has a system of points that every commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver has to follow. These points help determine what kind of condition a business and a vehicle are in. If a business has a good score through the CSA, then this means all of their vehicles and drivers are following all the necessary requirements.

A $5 break light fix is cheaper than a road side inspection. It is cheap insurance against inspectors finding additional infractions.

Having a thorough, comprehensive inspection, along with high quality equipment can help keep a low CSA score, and avoid violations and fines. Whereas, have very few inspections and purchasing equipment that breaks easily, functions incorrectly, and has a shorter lifespan, can get you a bad score on the CSA scale. :ow quality equipment shortens truck lifespans.

Truck lighting is the most common reason CMVs are pulled over. Take the necessary steps. Keep your lights on. Fix damaged truck lighting. Purchase a little more expensive rather than “what you pay for, is what you get.”

So, when out on the hunt for the lighting of a vehicle, be sure to keep these things in mind:

Reduce Corrosion for Longer Vehicle Lifespan

Maintenance is necessary, preventing corrosion from spreading through a vehicle’s wiring and harness system. You gain a longer living electrical system.

Protect Electrical Truck Lighting Systems

Usually the most vulnerable part of a LED lamp is its electoral connection. Improperly maintained truck lamps corrode. Electrical problems can spread. Today’s LED lights are designed to be used with dielectric grease and modular connections. This helps avoid that problem that could occur.

Truck Lighting: Maintain Bright Lights

Maintain bright lights. Your vehicle lights further down the road. Let your lights shine. Check lights every now and then. Take a cloth and wipe off the direct.

Trending Towards Premium Truck Lighting Products

get a quality product. You pay more out of pocket at first, but in the long run, a longer lifespan reduces the over cost.

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