The Advantages of Using a Box Truck in Your Business

By November 9, 2020Truck Blog

As owner or operator of a business, you know how commercial vehicles can help to make it run efficiently. In fact, trucking is responsible for the majority of overland freight movement in the U.S. In fact the 2019 market was worth $791.7 billion. 

If you’re running a logistics, distribution or delivery business, owning a box truck is certainly out of the question. But if you operate other types of business, you’ll need a little more creativity and research to figure out how buying a box truck for sale can help your business, and we can help. There are actually a lot of things a box truck can do to help you succeed.

1. A Box Truck can Help to Market Your Business

 Advertising is a costly process, but a box truck can do it for you at the least cost. With a little investment, you can turn your box truck into a mobile billboard which is a cheaper way to promote your business and make your brand known in the market. 

2. Turn a Box Truck into a Mobile Store  

A lot of creative individuals have used their box trucks successfully without renting or building a store for their merchandise. They simply use their box truck as a portable or mobile store. The cost of renting or constructing a store gave rise to the popularity of mobile one-stop-shops and food service businesses. This gave some entrepreneurs the idea of turning their regular box truck into a fun mobile store of food trucks.

3. Alternative for Renting Trailers

There are businesses that involve the transportation of equipment and bulky items. Part of their operations involve the renting of a trailer to deliver their goods and machines. Landscaping is one of these businesses.

If you own or manage a landscaping business, you will need to transport equipment and tools like mowers regularly to keep your operations going steadily. This process requires a trailer, but if you own a box truck, transporting your equipment to and from your client’s place would be easier and much cheaper. 

4. A Box Truck is also a Mobile Storage Facility 

A box truck is a large, secure box on wheels that you can use as a temporary storage unit for your stock or inventory. It is often larger than typical storage units. 

Using a box truck as storage for your goods can be convenient and time-saving especially if there’s a need for you to deliver these goods somewhere else. It also offers the same level of protection a regular storage unit can give because it can protect your goods from rain, snow and burglars. Just lock your merchandise in your box truck and you can leave your worries behind. 

I’m Planning to Buy a Used Box Truck. What Qualities Do I need to See in a Used Truck Dealership?

Buying a used box truck is not a difficult mission, but it can be daunting especially if you aren’t sure who or where to buy it from. As a business person, you’d always want to ascertain that you’re getting your used box truck from trusted sources. 

To really make sure that you’re using your hard-earned money to purchase a quality used box truck, you need to identify a trustworthy commercial truck dealer who can offer you the best quality box truck in their shop.

Here are the most important qualities of a used truck dealership that you need to look out for when buying a used commercial truck:

1. Prompt in their Responses

Making queries about the availability and prices of used commercial vehicles you want to buy is a normal shopping process, and you need to get this information from different dealerships. It is a routine all shops handle from day to day, and it is understood that they should have the information ready at all times. 

If a dealer fails to give an answer or feedback within 24 hours, forget it and move on to another. It’s a sign that they don’t have what you’re looking for.

2. They Have a Number of Units You can Select from

A reliable dealer of used box trucks for sale is always prepared for any visitor who walks in on any day to see what they have in store. They have a good number of units that have gone through a rigorous multi-point inspection from the dealership’s quality control section. 

A competent dealer of used commercial trucks is confident that the most important components of their vehicles such as the truck’s documents, engine, bodywork, suspension, brakes, lights, air conditioning system, steering, transmission, cargo compartment, and tires have been checked.

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3. Technically Competent and Professional Staff

The attitude and technical knowledge of its staff can speak a lot about a company. One of the first things that will catch your attention is their professionalism and how they treat customers. 

Another important thing that you need to see in a used truck dealership’s sales staff is technical knowledge about their vehicles and their ability to answer your questions. They should also be proactive enough to provide you with useful information about their used box trucks for sale to help you pick the right unit for your business.

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4. Financing Options   

Even if you are buying a used commercial vehicle, you’ll still don’t need to spend a ton of money to own it. In order to get a favorable deal when buying a used box truck, your dealer must be able to offer you a viable financing option. This can help you to save money that you can use in other aspects of your business. 

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5. Good Reputation

A dealer of used commercial trucks can build a good reputation not just through many years of operation but by having a long track record of producing satisfied customers. They are the ones who are pleased not only with their service but with the quality of their products. 

Remember, no amount of customer service can give clients a pleasant experience if the products you sell are unsatisfactory in terms of quality. It can only contribute to a bad reputation.

If your prospect truck dealership has a good reputation, you can be assured of quality used box trucks to choose from on top of a pleasing customer service. But you don’t need to be complacent about this. You should do your own homework to make sure that you will get what you expect from this deal.

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6. After-Sales Support

Closing the deal and finally paying for your chosen used box truck does not end your relationship with the truck dealer. They should be able to give you an assurance that they will provide you with after-sales service such as a warranty and a service bay where you can bring your vehicle for periodic maintenance and other services.

The success of your business can depend partly on the efficiency of the used box truck you purchase from your chosen dealership. That said, you must be sure that your used commercial truck dealer is able to provide the critical elements that you need in order to get the best used box truck for sale in the market. 

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