4 Advantages Of The FE180 Gas Mitsubishi Fuso Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck


Gas-powered commercial trucks are getting more popular as customers turn to look for alternatives to diesel-powered trucks with complex powertrains and emissions control systems.  Customers’ increasing preference for gasoline-powered engines stems from their desire to focus on their business, not their fleet.  This is true, especially if they are not a trucking-related company and have service-based businesses like plumbing or landscaping.

Intending to meet market demands, Mitsubishi released the FE Cabover Gas Powered Engine Truck in 2018.  And to date, it is the only one that offers a class 5 gas-powered truck in the industry.  This article will discuss the benefits of the FE180 Mitsubishi Fuso truck and why you should see your local Mitsubishi Fuso Dealer right away.

1.  Increased Comfortability And Cost-Effectiveness

A gas-powered truck is less costly than its diesel counterpart, making it easier to acquire, allowing an owner of a growing company to start a fleet quickly.

In addition, the FE180 Mitsubishi Fuso truck is more comfortable to drive.  A new driver who’s already familiar with passenger vehicles can easily transition to the FE180 because of its gas-powered operation.

2.  More Fuel Availability And Efficiency

Fuel is much easier to find with the FE180, being a gas-powered truck.  More fueling stations are available simply because gasoline is cheaper than diesel and is readily available anywhere.

Diesel, on the other hand, though not scarce, can’t always be available in all fuel stations.  Drivers would need to plan their route to avoid running out of fuel, costing them time and effort.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Allison 1000 fully automatic transmission that comes with a Fuel Sense 2.0 transmission management software, in addition to the “Neutral at Stop” feature, allows the FE180 Gas Mitsubishi Fuso Truck to increase its fuel economy by 2% or more.

3.  Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is also much simpler and less expensive with the FE180 because there are more gas engine mechanics to go around.  Moreover, the Fuso cab over engine configuration allows a technician to access the engine by simply tilting the whole cab.  And speaking again of costs, this research conducted by government-fleet.com finds that the maintenance cost of a gas-powered work truck is a lot less, factoring in the frequency of maintenance, cost of engine parts, and the maintenance of emission systems.

4.  More Power And Payload Without The Downtime

Because gas-powered vehicles are less complex than their diesel cousins, they aren’t prone to emissions control failures, which usually results in costly downtime.

Also, customers looking for more power and payload will like FE180’s payload capacity of 11,855.  Combined with the Allison 1000 series transmission, the FE180 Gas truck gives drivers more horsepower and torque than their diesel counterparts.


To sum it all up, the Fuso FE180 gas truck will not only save your business more time.  With its higher payload, you can also save money, ensuring higher profitability.  To get all the benefits of a Mitsubishi Fuso FE180 Gas truck, visit your local Mitsubishi Fuso dealer.

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