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Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan

Founder, President and General Manager

Tom Morgan was raised outside Denison, Tx on a small farm. Tom’s first business enterprise (10 yr old) was cleaning out neighbors’ chicken houses for 25 cents. He proceeded to sell Grit newspapers, Christmas cards in the big city of Denison and raising sheep and calves beginning at around 6 or 7 years of age.

After graduating high school in 1964, Tom spent a few years working for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. (now AT&T), a cabinet mfg and millwork shop, the MK&T Railroad, and taking a few college courses.

His first business venture was buying a 15 yr bulldozer and an old Halliburton truck and trailer. That lasted about a year, proving you can’t work 15 year old equipment 8 to 10 hours a day.

Tom’s first “in town” sales job included a move to Arlington, Tx – taking a commission sales job with the Wearever Cookware Division of Alcoa Aluminum Co. He learned professional sales and management from the best. Eventually, he was offered a Franchise with Saladmaster Co. in Dallas, Tx.

On January 1st, 1971 – Tom moved to Oklahoma City to work for a retail mobile home company.

On June 1st, 1972 – he opened Tom Morgan Mobile Homes with his father as a partner. They became one of the largest single lot mobile home dealers in the Southwest United States. Wanting out of the retail consumer business, Tom and his father began to transition to construction office trailer rental and leasing beginning with customers who were subcontractors on the new General Motors Manufacturing plant in 1978. They eventually rented 23 trailers to GM for the new plant operations staff. The pair grew that business to 150 trailers at its peak. The “oil boom went bust” took its toll on that business in the mid 1980’s.

Tom and his wife, Jane, were married in August 1972 and have enjoyed 45 yrs together. They have two children, one daughter, one son, and four grandchildren. They have enjoyed good times and hard times but being self employed since 1967 has been worth it.

Along with the office trailer business, Tom took on a Wells Cargo Trailer franchise to upgrade his construction trailer fleet. This venture evolved into taking on their complete line of trailers, including race car, food and concession trailers, motorcycle, cargo and specialty trailers. That brought along oil field customers during the “boom days.” Tom’s franchise provided specially designed and built mobile home type products for testing labs, larger offices and “drilling superintendent” trailers.

In November 1992, the IRS and Tom came to an agreement, resulting in an auction with them receiving most of the proceeds and Tom with the weight of the IRS off his back.

In June 1993, he went to help a friend in the mobile home business for a week and left there in April 1998 with the direction of the Lord to start something of his own again. Beginning with that move to start Truck-n-Trailer, which has been dedicated to Gods work and with His direction to this day. “He continues to guide us and direct us daily. If we have a Company motto, it is Romans 8:28. We live by it daily and it has served us and our customers well.”

Tom has always had a passion for designing and building what other company’s won’t consider. If it is a challenge, Tom and his team have a passion and knack for getting it done. He continues to do that with specialty build outs in truck van bodies and trailers for labs, surgical sharpening mobile shops, and many other challenging and interesting applications.