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Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson

Finance, Marketing, Sales Administrator

Scott’s business experience started at an early age by necessity. At the age of 10, Scott wanted an ATV. After mentioning this new idea to his father, his father simply said that he better start mowing lawns and saving his money. That is exactly what he did! By the end of that summer, Scott bought that ATV using a $10 red Craftsman lawn mower that he purchased at a garage sale. Later in his early teens – Scott worked for his dad at his Insurance and Investment Company. He learned the inner workings of that industry. Scott’s father would pay him with 7-Eleven big gulps after discovering how much work he could get done on 44 oz of sugar.

Later in life, Scott worked for a technology company. During this time, he was on a team that developed websites for local businesses and produced video for commercials. He eventually stepped back into the investment and insurance world working at the family business fueled by an interest in the stock market and investing. Scott had multiple responsibilities including client services, meeting preparation, accounting, marketing, and keeping the office up to date with technology. He worked at another financial firm as well before coming to Truck-n-Trailer.

Most recently he has had the great opportunity to work at Truck-n-Trailer, owned by long time family friends. His primary role involves assisting customers with their financing needs, marketing, and coordinating new vehicle transport. He likes staying active with biking, trail running, and pretty much anything outdoors. Here at Truck-n-Trailer – we continually strive to enhance customer service while becoming “the go to” dealership nationwide for work trucks and delivery trucks./p>