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Whenever you’re searching for used delivery vans to use with your business, you will notice that a few commercial  vehicle dealers are selling retired units that  FedEx has liquidated from their fleet. They have been de-identified, removing  the logo and other corporate markings. These are generally vehicles directly from FedEx fleets around the country. 

Unlike its major competitor, FedEx retains one of the worlds largest fleet management companies to manage the liquidation of the aged units which are then sent to select commercial vehicle auctions  around the country. Almost all of these auctions are limited to licensed motor vehicle dealers. Most of these dealers are commercial truck dealers, specializing in reconditioning to various degrees before resale. These vehicles are purchased by various delivery services, handymen, contractors,  repairmen,  food truck builders / users, and independent FedEx Ground contractors. These much-needed delivery vehicles can be purchased from a van and truck dealer Oklahoma City. 

FedEx Corporation is a Tennessee-based global holding company focused on e-commerce and transportation, among others. This conglomerate was founded in 1971 in Arkansas, and it now has a worldwide network with 1,950 locations as of 2020. Its former names are Federal Express Corporation and FDX Corporation.

When it comes to FedEx Home Delivery (FedEx Ground), step vans have been a favorite of many contractors for decades. They are basically designed to enable ease of access for the drivers, and thus, saving them more time and energy as well as improve the number of deliveries completed. Freightliner and Ford units are also a popular choice for many independent FedEx contractors due to their dependability and sturdy construction. These manufacturers are also some of the top names in the commercial vehicle industry.


If you’re looking for used delivery vans and trucks, whether you’re an independent FedEx operator and/or driver or a business owner offering deliveries to your clients, get in touch with Truck-N-Trailer. It’s a family-owned and operated truck dealer Oklahoma City offering a massive range of used commercial trucks and vans from trusted manufacturers. They also offer a variety of vehicle repair and maintenance services. Truck-N-Trailer services the entire North American and Central American commercial vehicle market. Delivery available or fly into Oklahoma City and we will pick you up at the airport, approximately 20 minutes away.


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