5 Reasons Why a Mitsubishi FUSO Truck Is the Perfect Parcel Van for Your Business

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Parcel Delivery, sometimes called package delivery, is the process of shipping lighter, smaller boxed items typically weighing 100 pounds or less.  These packages can be moved without assistance from loading machines, such as forklifts. The parcel packages are picked up, loaded into trucks, and are delivered to the intended recipients.

Mostly provided by postal systems or private courier companies like FedEx or UPS, this service is perfect for small businesses that ship smaller individual packages because it’s a more economical way to send products directly to customers.

A parcel delivery business involves large quantities of goods, small parcel sizes, and the demand to be on time.  As governments continue to mandate limited movements due to the Coronavirus pandemic, parcel delivery services have become more needed by people who opt for online shopping instead of going out to get the items they need. To meet this demand, parcel delivery businesses need to use the right vehicles and avoid the widespread pandemic’s delivery delays.

Whether you’re buying a new fleet or just upgrading an existing one, choosing the delivery vehicle that is affordable, reliable and matches the needs of your drivers and your business itself is most crucial. 

Let’s take a look at what a FUSO truck has to offer as a parcel van.

Parcel Vans and the FUSO Brand

Box trucks have been the bread and butter of the moving and retail delivery industry for the longest time.  Its most distinguishable feature is the cargo area being separate from the cabin.  They are able to carry a significant amount of load without sacrificing maneuverability, especially in the crowded downtown areas, making them the best parcel vans.

Moving on to the FUSO brand, it’s a symbol of innovation, fuel efficiency, and reliability.  FUSO vehicles are guaranteed to be the most robust and most reliable commercial vehicles in the market.  It is also the leading Japanese brand that doesn’t shy away from technological innovations to its trucks, ensuring that the customers are never deprived of quality, economic efficiency, functionality, and excellent service even at the lowest total cost of ownership.

FUSO trucks are usually configured for any light-duty applications such as moving goods and equipment.  These trucks are designed with city delivery operations in mind, which require over a hundred daily stops.  In terms of efficiency, these trucks offer bottom-line protection, so you can focus on running your business. Here are more reasons why a Mitsubishi FUSO truck makes for the perfect parcel van:

Fuel Economy

Parcel delivery is an industry where your fleet is continually moving, and a Mitsubishi FUSO truck makes the most sense to use for this reason.  With either diesel or gasoline, the FUSO truck is a commercial vehicle that can help you cut your costs in fuel consumption. The 2019 class 4 lineup has a “neutral at stop” feature that further increases fuel economy by 2%.

According to this fuel study in 2017, FUSO trucks consume around 8 percent less fuel than its competitor trucks, and even more when operating in ECO mode.  This results in savings of up to $1,476 per vehicle, driven over 100,000 miles of city, suburban, and highway driving.

Maintenance Costs

Because parcel vans are always on the road, it is a must for them to always run in their best shape possible.  FUSO trucks are reliable vehicles that can take any on parcel delivery challenges while helping you avoid major problems, thus lowering maintenance costs.

Functionality of Design

The robust and practical design ensures the driver’s comfort and ease of access reflected in the design such as lowered fuel cap so any crew member of any height can refuel the vehicle safely and more efficiently

Utility and aesthetics are combined perfectly, along with easy customizability. There are also available colors to match your company’s colors.  And on top of that, they have bigger storage space than your regular parcel van.


Worker injuries take a toll physically and emotionally for everyone in the company.  Not to mention the hassles of sometimes having to go through legal battles.  According to this US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) findings in 2015, “nonfatal injuries and illnesses were mostly not related to transportation incidents.” Many of these injuries happen because of overexertion and bodily reaction or accidents during loading and unloading, such as falls, slips, and trips.

FUSO manufacturers recognized these safety hazards and have added safety features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), which stops you quickly when needed.  For a light truck that can carry an 8000 kg GCM, this feature could be the difference between losing control and keeping your driver and cargo safe. There’s also Lane Departure Warning (LDW), and electronic stability control programming (ESC), a heavy-truck technology brought to the light delivery arena.  The 4×2 cab chassis’ safety features also help inexperienced drivers transition from hopping onto small cars to climbing onto light-duty trucks.

FUSO trucks come with front and rear disc brakes that widen your vehicle’s safety margin.  Competitor brands, on the other hand, have only front disc brakes, and for the rear, there are only drum brakes.  Also, FUSO trucks have a collision-avoidance system or “Mobile Eye” that helps keep drivers safe in every type of delivery situation.


On the rare chance that your FUSO truck breaks down, a comprehensive warranty will help you alleviate the anxiety over repair costs and productivity downtime.  The engine warranty is five years, 75,000 miles, while a transmission warranty is five years, with unlimited mileage – the best in the industry.


With due diligence, businesses will be able to choose the right vehicle for their delivery fleet.  The perfect parcel van has a great resale value, is fuel-efficient, durable, and reliable.  This is why one can’t go wrong by choosing a Mitsubishi FUSO truck for their fleet because these parcel vans are known to perform optimally, and meet the increasing demands of the parcel delivery industry.  The reliability and durability of FUSO trucks are enough to significantly impact the payload and uptime for businesses, which translates to profits. 

Take advantage of all the benefits your business can get from a FUSO parcel van by visiting a Mitsubishi FUSO dealer. Need a Mitsubishi FUSO truck? Contact Truck-N-Trailer today! Call us at 405-912-5800.

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