5 Great Business Ideas You Can Explore With An Isuzu Box Truck

By June 7, 2021Truck Blog


Isuzu commercial vehicles are known for their powerful engines, reliable drivetrain systems, and high-level on-road performance.  The Isuzu NPR HD, more specifically, is the preferred choice of most business owners as their go-to work truck.  Count on these cargo box trucks for the day-to-day industry-specific operations.

Whether you’re considering investing in an Isuzu box truck for sale for the first time or looking to add one to your fleet, here are five business opportunities you can unlock with this vehicle:

1. Delivery

Along with the growth of e-commerce, delivery services have seen a spike in demand as well.  So this type of business might be the most obvious match for a spacious cargo box truck.

While larger stores have their own courier to turn to, many small businesses don’t, making them potential clients for your delivery services.  You can cater to retailers such as hardware stores, appliance shops, or local furniture stores.

Suppose you’re already in the delivery business or planning to start one. In that case, you can benefit from Isuzu NPR HD’s improved fuel economy of the 5.2L Diesel engine, along with better driver visibility and maneuverability.

2. Movers

Moving companies help homeowners and businesses transport their belongings from one space to another, and the heavy load can be a demanding task for a work vehicle.  The 2014 Isuzu NPR HD 16ft Box Truck gives your moving business the space and the durability for your day-to-day moving jobs. 

You can customize the truck cabs to seat up to seven crew members because you obviously won’t just be hauling furniture.  You’ll also be moving a large crew from one job site to another.  Moreover, the ample cargo space allows you to transport other moving tools and equipment such as a dolly, cargo straps, and tarps.

3. Landscaping

This business involves hauling a lot of tools, equipment, and other supplies to every worksite.  And for that, you’re going to need a powerful vehicle.  A 16ft Box Truck like the 2014 Isuzu NPR HD can get the job done.

You can customize this cargo box truck to suit the hauling needs of your landscaping business, like outfitting the durable chassis with a flatbed or a stake bed.  This provides easy transportation of all your equipment and materials.

4. Heating And Plumbing

Suppose you’re in the HVAC and plumbing business, you know how important it is to have the right vehicle to help you accomplish your work.  The Isuzu NPR HD is a true workhorse that allows you to haul heavy equipment or deliver a new air conditioner or a new furnace to a customer.

Many HVAC and plumbing businesses trust the Isuzu NPR HD to offer not just reliability for their day-to-day operations but also comfort and safety.  You get a comfortable cab with all the extra space to store your tools and equipment.

5. Vending Machine Services 

For a truck to handle carrying heavy vending machines, a vehicle needs to have powerful hauling capabilities.  The 16ft Isuzu NPR HD cargo box truck is built for this, allowing you to carry vending machines and additional equipment in the cargo bay.

With this capability, providing vending machine services to your customers becomes more manageable and efficient, improving your bottom line.


A quality box truck can offer your company exceptional hauling options for any cargo.  If you’re ready to add an Isuzu cargo box truck to your fleet or looking to purchase your first one, we are here to help.

Oklahoma City’s Truck-N-Trailer offers a quality inventory of Isuzu box trucks with various sizes and styles to choose from.  Call us today to find out more about any Isuzu box truck for sale.  We will help you find the perfect box truck to match your business needs.