3 Ways Your Truck Can Drive Your Business Forward

By September 21, 2018Truck Blog

Regardless of what you deliver, a basic requirement for your business is a work vehicle with a robust, sturdy truck body style. You need a highly dependable commercial truck or van that is suited to the type of cargo you carry, whether you’re transporting frozen and perishable items, boxed goods, furniture, electronics, hardware, consumer products, construction supplies, landscape work equipment, and everything else in between.

The importance of choosing the right type, make, and model of your truck cannot be overstated. But beyond the basics, a suitable commercial delivery truck should have specific, specialized features to guarantee performance and efficiency.

Superior Features

Unlike the average American who works 47 hours weekly, many delivery drivers spend 70 hours a week on the road. It matters that they drive a truck that is quiet, roomy, and comfortable. Your truck should also feature better visibility and have easily accessible multi-functional controls. With ergonomic seating, it should offer better comfort for driving day-in and day-out.

It also goes without saying that for your transport business, you need a commercial truck with this primary purpose in in mind. What you need is a work vehicle that is engineered for secure and quick mounting.

Safety First

For years, manufacturers have been integrating stability control systems and collision avoidance sensors in commercial trucks.

Today, the latest models have advanced technologies infused to drive more sophisticated safety features such as speeding and lane departure warning systems. Some also come with visual and audible alerts to help reduce the risk of accidents involving pedestrian and vehicle collisions. Many delivery truck drivers operate in densely populated urban areas.  Active control systems, such as active braking, are now a common safety feature too.

As transport and delivery businesses have long been dealing with the costly consequences of negligence and accidents, these new top-of-the-line truck safety features are worth the investment.

Fuel Economy

The rising cost of fuel impacts your operating expenses. High price of fuel drives the domino effect and leads to increase in other truck parts and products such as replacement tires. As gasoline engine options tout reduced fuel spending, gas-powered trucks have become popular and take 40% of the market share. There are certain factors to help you decide to choose a gas truck over its diesel counterpart for your business, including the city miles you put on your truck and maintenance costs.

Did you know that today’s best gas trucks are not only engineered for fuel efficiency but also give more horsepower and more torque?

Meeting Expectations: Mitsubishi Fuso Gas Trucks Available at Truck-N-Trailer

Mitsubishi has recently unveiled its new lineup of gas-powered Fuso, boasting all the features that make them the perfect choice for your delivery business. The new Mitsubishi Fuso gas powered trucks provide the same maneuverability and visibility with boosted engine torque and power for ease in suburban or city driving.

Truck-N-Trailer, your official dealer representing the entire state of Oklahoma and the United States, will have the Mitsubishi Fuso gas trucks in our inventory soon!


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