3 Ts of successful selling: Trust, Tips and Training

In the current economy and workplace, being successful with your sales calls requires an approach that includes planning ahead and developing a ‘chemistry’ with the customer. Underpining all of that is a trait often overlooked, but not undervalued – trust. Accompanying trust is training and tips to help your customer.

Knowledge of your trucks is essential and you should be able to convey benefits and features in such a way that your customer both understands and trusts what you’re saying. You need to do your homework before any meeting with a potential client. You need to understand their needs, problems, applications and maybe even know who some of their customers are.

James Cannon, author of this article, interviewed executives from several major truck manufacturers (names below) to get their perspective on selling trucks and what traits their salespeople need to have.

Campbell Freightliner Dealer Principal Scott Campbell.

Bill Thomas, manager of sales and soft products training for the Mack Trucks Academy.

 Bruce Mochrie, manager, Volvo product and industry training

Ray Addison II, Manager – Marketing Communications for Daimler’s Aftermarket Parts

To read this extensive article and the tips given by the executives, click here.

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