3 Step Van Business Ideas

custom step van

Step vans, also known as walk-in or multi-stop delivery trucks, are commonly used as delivery trucks for all types of businesses. The versatility of the step van platform however, allows for a multitude of business opportunities.

If you’ve decided to purchase a used step van, here are three business opportunities for you to consider:

Logistics and Transportation

The most common use for step vans is transportation and making deliveries. Postal workers use these vans for making large deliveries, while local businesses may also use these trucks to transport their equipment from one place to another.

Other businesses that fall under this section are: online deliveries, movers, and rent-a-van. Step vans can be used to transport goods from online shops like a courier service. They can also be used to move furniture and other belongings from one point to another. You could also rent out your custom step van for a fee over a fixed course of time.

Food Truck Business

Another popular use for step vans is food trucks. You can convert a step van into a mobile restaurant that you can bring with you wherever the food truck customers meet for meals, for example in areas such as downtown plazas, or dedicated food truck gathering areas. Step vans can also be transformed into an ice cream truck.

You can also use it for food delivery services, whether as a food courier or a contractor that brings restaurants fresh produce and other edible products.

Mobile Store

New and used step vans can easily be turned into a mobile store for your business! Whether you sell original clothing or want to operate a mobile florist, a step van can do it all. This not only saves you money on a brick and mortar store, but allows you to go where the customers are!

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