3 Exciting Used Delivery Van Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Used Delivery Vans


Whatever business you want to start, vans are the vehicles that can offer you the best overall solutions in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability, and comfort.  Compared to trucks, vans are much easier to park and have more legroom and safety features.

On top of that, customizing used delivery vans is easier, offering you more flexibility to makeover the interior and exterior however you want.  You can add shelves, folding tables, and anything else that meets the specific needs of the business you want to start.

Then again, if you buy a van that is already customized according to your business needs, it helps you cut costs even more to start your business.

No doubt, when you get a van from a truck dealer Oklahoma City locals trust, the possibilities are endless. 

This article lists three creative business ideas you can start right now with used delivery vans:

Transporting Materials Or Equipment For Events

Large events get organized all the time, from music festivals to weddings and marketing events.  One thing that these gatherings have in common is they always require moving lots of equipment and tools.

Sometimes, when businesses book a venue for hosting an event, they don’t usually think about the means of transporting the equipment or materials needed for the specific gathering.  If you have a van, you can offer equipment transport services to and from such events.  You need to be strong enough to lift heavy objects or hire another person to help you.  

Aside from materials and equipment, you could also try hiring out your van to transport bands and their equipment to weddings and parties.  The key here is to keep on marketing and advertise your van transport business to potential clients like event promotion companies or firms known to host large events.  

Cleaning Business

If you’re the type of person who likes the look and feel of a clean and tidy home or office space, this is the business for you.  You can offer general domestic or even office cleaning services.  Many companies outsource their office cleaning to independent contractors.

When you have a van, right off the bat, you get a large enough space that enables you to offer interior and even exterior cleaning services.  You can load all the tools and equipment you need, like a pressure washer for cleaning exteriors or rakes and barrels to remove and haul off debris.

In starting this business, you should also consider adding some excellent branding on the sides of your van to market your services as you move around town from one job to another.

Furthermore, you can even niche down and offer more specific services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or pool cleaning, depending on what your target market needs.

Mobile Café 

With a bit of modification, you can use your van as a mobile café to sell an assortment of hot and cold beverages from coffees and teas to juices.  As stated earlier, purchasing a van that’s already customized for this type of business can save you a lot of money on customizations.

Because of the mobile nature of this business, you can easily reach your target customers better than most brick-and-mortar cafés.  This type of clientele is primarily found in areas with a lot of foot traffic like parks and main streets.


When operated the right way, van-based businesses are highly sustainable.   You only need to consider purchasing one from a truck dealer Oklahoma City residents know and trust.  This article provides you with sensational business ideas you can build around used delivery vans.  Start right now to take advantage of its many benefits.