3 Effective Ways To Implement Delivery Truck Accident Management

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In the trucking industry, tragedy could happen in a flash. Ever since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started tracking crash statistics, the number of trucking accidents has never declined and instead went up.  

According to NHTSA’s latest Traffic Safety Facts Report, 2019 saw a 17 percent increase in the number of injured occupants involved in large-truck crashes from 2018 and a 19 percent increase for non-occupants.

Of all the risks, drivers are the most significant factor, so trucking companies must focus their risk management efforts on this most vital asset.  Aside from having legal obligations to ensure that their entire fleet is safe for road travel, the end goal has always been to keep drivers safe while keeping insurance costs low and ultimately improving the bottom line.

Here are three measures trucking companies with Used Delivery Vans can use to reduce the risk of accidents in their fleet.

Hire Good Drivers And Road Test Them Rigorously

Every safe route always begins with a good driver, and everything else follows – reduced delivery delays, workers compensation claims, and overall costs, including insurance premiums.

For instance, you’re looking to hire drivers for your fleet of Used Delivery Vans

.  Aside from conducting interviews, you should also conduct in-depth background checks on each applicant and immediately disqualify anyone with a bad record, especially DUI.

Next, you should conduct a vigorous road test so you can see firsthand how the candidates will operate your delivery trucks.  This gives you a preview of their capability to operate your trucks for extended periods across various terrains.

Train Your Driving Crew On Safety

Though it’s impossible to prevent all accidents, a strong safety training program, and strict enforcement of safety policies, can help significantly reduce the risk.  Among the causes of trucking accidents, driver-related error is the one that pops up frequently, especially driving fatigue.

With this, trucking companies need to bolster their defensive driving courses to improve driver skills and awareness.  Moreover, they must not shy away from spending money to print training materials, and if necessary, in multiple languages, so that every employee understands the safety parameters.

On the issue of fatigue, companies need to be aware of the hours of service (HOS) guidelines that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandated.  Control your drivers’ time on the road to control fatigue.  On top of that, make sure to build a work culture of accountability so that drivers will learn to take a break not only when they’re required to do so but also when they need it.

Conduct Regular Inspections of Your Fleet

Delivery trucks haul various types of heavy loads across great distances.  Therefore, trucking companies need to have their vehicles inspected and maintained regularly to prevent mechanical failures, which could lead to accidents.

Tires, brakes, electrical components, and trailer connectors need to be inspected from time to time.  In addition, these companies should also require their mechanics to log notes so that drivers can be aware of the past problems that the truck their driving has had.  

Mechanic logs also help management decide if it’s better to take the vehicle off the road than to keep on repairing it now and then.  

Partnering with a truck dealer Oklahoma city locals trust can help trucking companies simplify this process by allowing a third party to handle fleet management, including accident management, so that they can focus more on their business. 


Though trucking is a risky business, understanding the dangers behind the wheel can help companies succeed in this industry.

By following the steps above, devoting resources to each one, trucking companies can manage risks effectively.  If you need further help, a truck dealer Oklahoma city residents rely on can simplify truck accident management for you.

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