14 Summertime Tips on Pet Safety in Trucks and Cabs

By September 8, 2022Truck Blog
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Truck driving can be lonesome for some people, even for local truck drivers. Having your pet as your travel companion can make your job interesting, especially when you’re trucking over the road (OTR) across the country and won’t be home for several weeks. So when you’re searching for a delivery truck for sale with the plan of bringing your dog, cat, or any pet, you should consider a cab with a spot you can designate as your pet’s safe place.

Summer also presents a different set of challenges for looking after your pet while on the road. So aside from ensuring the truck or work van for sale you’re considering has pet-safety features, there are things you need to do to keep your pet safe during this hot season.

Pre-Travel Preparations

  1. First of all, you need to make sure you’re allowed to bring a pet while trucking. Here’s a list of trucking companies and their pet policies in the U.S.
  2. Bring a little more than enough food for your pet just in case your travel gets extended. This is important especially when your pet has specific dietary requirements. Don’t forget to bring some treats and plenty of water, too.
  3. Ensure that your pet gets the necessary veterinary shots before traveling. It’s important to bring the vaccination records, too, just in case you need them during the drive.
  4. Train your pet on cab safety and acclimatize them to travel. Dogs can be trained to stay away from the brakes and clutch. Cats generally prefer the safety of a familiar environment, so you will have to get them used to travel by initially taking them on short trips to get familiar with the noise of your truck engine.
  5. Pet-proof and/or upfit your truck. To ensure safety, block off pet access to the pedals. Provide your pet with their own place in the cab. Also ensure that trash, medicines, and food, among other items, are out of their reach. If you’re bringing an old dog, you may need to buy a pet loader to help them get up and down the cab. You’ll have to think about pet-proofing and upfitting even while still searching for a work van or delivery truck for sale.
  6. Designate a safe place for your pet. While on the road, your pet should have a place in the cab where they can relax and feel safe together with the items familiar to them.

Beating the Summer Heat

  1. Keep the area cool. The summer heat can take a toll to those staying in trucks for a long time, your pet included. So make sure to utilize the AC or open the windows to constantly stay cool and comfortable. 
  2. Keep your pet hydrated. Always ensure you have plenty of clean water for your pet.
  3. Never leave your pet unattended. The temperatures inside the cab can spike during summertime, causing strokes or worse. Always have your pet by your side with the AC on.
  4. Be mindful of the pavement your pet walks on. Hot asphalt or pavements can hurt the sensitive paws of dogs and cats.

Entertainment and Taking Breaks

  1. You must plan for multiple pit stops despite having a tight schedule. Your pet may be drinking a lot of water due to the summer heat, and thus, will have to take potty breaks more often than usual. This should also give you the opportunity to stretch your legs.
  2. Bring a few of your pet’s favorite toys. The long road drive can be boring to your pet. 
  3. Schedule exercise and play with your pet. For example, dogs need at least an hour a day for active exercise. Plan your walks and outdoor play with your dog during the road trip.
  4. Don’t forget to pet them. It’s a way to reassure them that you have not abandoned them despite the new or constantly changing environment.

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